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Name Numerology Calculator : Now available as an android app.

Now calculating your lucky name has become even more simple than ever.

Your favorite Name Numerology Calculator is now available as an android app for your mobile phone.

Now you are not required to turn on your PC, Netbook or Laptop for calculating the lucky names of your loved ones. You can do it with the help of our newly launched android app ' My Lucky Name'.

Now the powerful knowledge of great Cheiro is in your hands literally !

We have developed the famous Name Numerology Calculator as an android apps. It is a small but powerful application which runs do not require any Internet connection for operation. Just installed once and use till eternity !

Using 'My Lucky Name' android app will make the calculation of lucky name extremely easy and quick.

Have a look :

Here is a screenshot of this wonderful calculator app.

My Lucky Name (Lite)

My Lucky Name(Lite) app does all the calculation on your desired names and shows the resultant compound number of the name instantly. As such, you can rely entirely on it for making quick calculation on your chosen name ( i.e. whether the name is lucky or not, whether changing the spelling of the name will make it more lucky or unlucky.

However, the lite version of the app will only tell you whether the name is lucky or not. The pro version, on the other hand, will also tell you the detailed influence of the compound number. In lite version  the influence are short and to-the-point. Whereas in Pro version, the influence are detailed and all inclusive.

The My Lucky Name (Lite) is free and you can download it from the android market.

Download the My Lucky Name (Lite) from Android Market.

At present this app is available only for Android based mobile phones. If you want to have this calculator for your Nokia or Blackberry phone, write to us here.

We also have a Pro version of this app

he Pro version has two additional features : -

(1) Detailed and comprehensive influence of all the compound numbers as determined by great numerologist Cheiro. While calculating the name, you will get detailed analysis of the compound number.

(2) Ability to share your lucky name on Facebook, Twitter, Email & SMS ! You will be able to share your lucky name with your friends on facebook, twitter, email and  via SMS

Read more   about the Pro version.


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