How to calculate the numerology value of your name

Numerology value of your name is nothing but the compound number of your name which you get after adding the corresponding numerals assigned to the alphabets which consists your name’s spellings.

For example, if your name is Sanjay singh, then the numerology value of your name will be the compound number of your name that comes after adding the numeral value of alphabets which contains this name’s spellings.

That is, for ‘SANJAY’ it will be:

S = 3
A= 1
N = 5
J = 1
A = 1
Y = 1

Total = 12

and for ‘SINGH’, it will be :

S = 3
I = 1
N = 5
G = 3
H = 5

Total = 17

So total of these two will be 12 + 17 = 29

As such the compound number of the name Sanjay Singh will be 29, which of course is the numerology value of this name.

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How to change name using numerology ?

A common questions I am asked everytime I go somewhere is how one can change his name using numerology. Being a little expert in this field, I can not resist myself if someone told me about the trials and tribulations he is facing despite giving his 100%. My impatience increases manifold when I find that the problems a person is facing are related to an unlucky name he has acquired either due to ignorance or just due to sheer bad luck.

For all those unlucky person here is my simple and straight advice :-

How to change name using numerology?

For this, first of all you need to have a clear knowledge of the fact about the importance of a correct, appropriate and lucky name in your life.

Secondly, you should have a clear knowledge of the compound number of your name and its overall influence on your life.

Apart from this, you should also have a clear grasp of the compatibility of your name with your date of birth. Things may turn topsy turvy in case you have a lucky name but the same is not compatibility with your birth number.

Once you determine in no uncertain term that your name is not lucky for you, the next logical step should be to do calculations on the most suitable compound number of your name by simply making small changes in the spelling of your name.

This is a little time consuming exercise. However, its rewards far exceed the little difficulty in doing it.

To sum up, in order to change your name using numerology, you must determine if your name is really uncluky for you or not by calculating its compund number. Then you should try to make changes in your name’s spelling to make the resultant compound number luckier than the previous one and in line with your birth number.

Doing this simple exercise can easily give you a lucky name.

How to do numerology with your name ?

If you have even an iota of interest in numerology, you must have understood by now the importance of having a lucky name.  Your name, which is the most important mark of your identity plays an enormously significant role in your life. As you proceed in your life and enter into various contracts be it personal or professional, you will see that in very relationship you enters, your name is playing a pivotal role. As such having a proper lucky name is extremely important to ensure success in life. Else you will have to face many difficulties which, you will realize later, could be avoided by making necessary amendments in your name.

Before, doing anything to make correction in your name, you need to find whether you really need a correction in your name or not. For that, I would suggest you to visit the Name Numerology section of this website and to see if your name is really lucky for you or if it requires some modification.

You can also use Name Numerology Calculator to save time while calculating your name.