Numerology Reports Can Teach You Things About Yourself

Have you ever had any numerology reports done on your name and birth date? They are fascinating, not to mention insightful. They use a method of applying numbers to the letters in your name and add them up in various ways. They do the same thing with your date of birth.


Numerology can help you determine the path you are taking or should be taking. By adding up the letters in your name, you can determine your Expression Number which explains how you express yourself to other people. By adding up the letters that aren’t in your name you can determine your Karma number. This helps you understand what debts you must pay from your previous lives and what lessons you need to learn in this life. Other numbers can be discovered that explain what motivates you, your good and bad tendencies, and your inward perspective toward yourself.


The numbers in your birth date can also be added up to determine various qualities. These sums can explain what forces are in your life and which of them is most powerful. They can also help you determine when you will have to face big challenges and what those challenges will be.


Since math is the universal language, it only makes sense to use numbers to interpret various aspects of life. Each number has its own vibration and these vibrations influence your life every day. By having numerology reports done you can learn what these influences are so that you can make the best of what life has to offer.



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