Numerology & Your Expression Numbers

The study of numbers by means of occult is what we generally term as Numerology. A number of aptitudes, characteristics, behavior, desires, personality and the likes are expressed through Numerology. Each letter of the name of an individual bears a cosmic value or vibration. But numerology should always be used at the time of making major moves and decisions in life.

Like your birth date, your name is also a melody. Each sound, or letter, in your name has a vibration that matches the vibration of a number. The numbers of your name hold the clues to your personality–the traits you were born with, what motivates you, your inner desires, your strengths and weaknesses, and the way in which you interact with other people. However, the most important clue in your name is your expression number–the number that describes how you interact with others.

To find your expression number, you need to change each letter of your name into the corresponding number, and then add these numbers together. Be sure to use your full name. The Expression Number basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar year ahead. This software helps you to realize that every particular year has a specific energy, which should be effectively harnessed for your own welfare.

The Expression Number is a fairly accurate indicator of what lies ahead of you in the forthcoming calendar year. The fundamental principle working behind this number is that each particular year has a specific energy attached to it, and you would be wise to harness its power for your own welfare. Delving into your own personality, the Expression Number conveys what you really are as a person, and also what you wish to become. Paying proper heed to this number will thus help you gain the insight to achieve success in life.

It represents the cyclical energy in which you emerged on your date of birth. This is the number – the energy – which stays with you for your entire life. When your expression number is accepted and properly understood, and when its challenges have been faced and overcome, its energy becomes your greatest strength. The Expression Number is very accurate in its reading as you MUST or at least what you can aspire to become.

The Expression Number is calculated by making use of your full name as given at birth, and then assigning a value for each letter based on a manual calculation table as shown below. You then simply need to add up these numbers to a single digit and display that number.

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