Your Name and Numerology finds your Life Path

Numerology is the interpretation of how numbers affect your life and your personality.

Each number associated with you is representation of something related to you. This includes your name and is called as Numerology name.

Your Name and Your Numerology Profile

Source of many numbers associated with is your Name. Primary of them is the Expression number and the Soul Urge number. Many other numbers associated with you like Minor Expression, the Minor Heart’s Desire, the Personality Number, the Maturity Number are derived from your first name, last name, your nick name. Each above number has their own significance and has a unique affect on you in one or the other way. But the main source of generation of all the numbers is your name. The combination of numbers derived from your name and the one other number related to our date of birth also has great impacts on your life.

Letters and Numbers

Must be thinking that how the letters are related to numbers? Each alphabet A to Z has an equivalent numeric significance associated with them. Letter A is represented as number 1 similarly alphabet z means number 26. Double digit number will add up to make a single number like Z’s 26 will be condensed to 8 by adding 2 and 6.

The Expression Number

It is also known as the ‘Destiny Number’, this expression number signifies or depicts the path that your life is moving on i.e. the shape it is taking. It also used to express your personality, that way you behave and represent yourself in front of the outer world. This number is calculated using your first and last name.

The expression number has immense significance in ones life, that’s why many people change there name by adding or dropping a letter to it so that it, sums up to a auspicious number or to your lucky number.

Numerology name numbers, like the other numbers in your numerology profile must be taken with an understanding that each number affects the others. Your Expression Number, for example may affect how you will eventually live out your Maturity Number. It can also affect what your personality number.