Numerology Reports Can Teach You Things About Yourself

Have you ever had any numerology reports done on your name and birth date? They are fascinating, not to mention insightful. They use a method of applying numbers to the letters in your name and add them up in various ways. They do the same thing with your date of birth.


Numerology can help you determine the path you are taking or should be taking. By adding up the letters in your name, you can determine your Expression Number which explains how you express yourself to other people. By adding up the letters that aren’t in your name you can determine your Karma number. This helps you understand what debts you must pay from your previous lives and what lessons you need to learn in this life. Other numbers can be discovered that explain what motivates you, your good and bad tendencies, and your inward perspective toward yourself.


The numbers in your birth date can also be added up to determine various qualities. These sums can explain what forces are in your life and which of them is most powerful. They can also help you determine when you will have to face big challenges and what those challenges will be.


Since math is the universal language, it only makes sense to use numbers to interpret various aspects of life. Each number has its own vibration and these vibrations influence your life every day. By having numerology reports done you can learn what these influences are so that you can make the best of what life has to offer.



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What’s in a Numerology Name

By any other formula would your numerology name not smell as sweet? Well, actually, no. Each person has a unique set of numbers associated with them. Their birth date, the time of delivery and even their name reveals specific characteristics. In combination the numbers tell a great deal about an individual and their path in the here and now.


Many numerologists believe that a name is perhaps the most revealing item a person possesses. Names aren’t given haphazardly. There is a great deal of thought put into picking the right name for children, as well there should be. Studies have indicated that children who have unfortunate initials do much worse socially and academically than those that have positive initials. As strange as it seems our names really do have a great deal of impact on our lives.


The numerology of your name is calculated based upon the letters in your given name. Each name is pared down to its total and those totals are added to create a single number. The final number is reduced to a single numeral, and it is that numeral that reveals your inner workings.


Certain numbers are connected with characteristics of leadership and power; others are associated with a helping spirit and a deep familial connection. Each of the ten single digit numerals indicate certain tendencies and the difficulties that you are likely to encounter. By knowing what your name reveals about your inner self you can better make use of your talents and face your challenges with more certainty.


You can find numerologists online who have a great deal of experience in helping people understand the meaning behind their numerology name. Many numerologists offer this service free of charge, sharing their knowledge generously. You can also request year long calendars that help you plan a more successful year.

Name Numerology is Profound and Surprisingly Simple

It is an extreme rarity for someone to go through life without a name. It is even doubtful that this has ever happened, but nothing is impossible. Names use to have very important meanings but most people today don’t really think much about that sort of thing. Name numerology can add a lot of meaning to your name, and it can even offer insight into your life.


Despite what you may think, your name wasn’t just given to you by chance. You received your name due to the inspiration that the Universe gave to your parents. By adding up the numbers attributed to the letters in your name, a new number can be discovered. This number is usually a single digit, and there is a diversity of methods for acquiring different numbers that imply different aspects of your life.


Through name numerology you can determine what motivates you and what tendencies you have, both good and bad. This can help you break bad habits and strengthen good ones. You can also determine how you view yourself and how you present yourself to others and how they view you. On top of this, you can get a glimpse of your Karma. Knowing what lessons you need to learn in this life can be very helpful.


Numerology isn’t a super complex system and it can be done anytime, anywhere. It can be a profoundly personal experience and has been used for centuries. Any advice can help us make our way through life, so if you haven’t already had a reading, maybe you should consider it.



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