Naaginn : the new Zee TV serial and it’s spelling

If you watch Indian television, you must be aware of this new TV serial from Zee TV by the name Naaginn (means Female Snake).


This serial is full of fantasy, black magic, Tantra-mantra and stuff like that and basically caters to the typical Indian Audience. My reason to mention this serial in this blog is it’s peculiar spelling. Nagin is a Hindi word and is written as Nagin. There have been many Hindi movies by the name Nagin in the past.


However, this particular new serial has been named Naaginn. (note the extra ‘a’ and ‘n’ in the name.

The full name of this serial is : “Naaginn..Waadon ki Agnipariksha”. However, since in public’s eye the popular name will be ‘Naginn’, let us examine it on numerological basis.

If the serial name would be ‘Nagin’ it’s compound number comes to 15.

The influence of 15 : This number, If associated with a good or fortunate single number, can be very lucky and powerful, but if associated with one of the peculiar numbers, such as a 4 or an 8, the person it represents will use every good or bad (even of the worst kind) means to achieve his goal. It is also associated with” good talkers,” often with eloquence, gifts of Music and Art and a dramatic personality, combined with a certain voluptuous temperament and strong personal magnetism. For obtaining money, gifts, and favours from others it is a fortunate number.

Now the compound number for ‘Naaginn’ comes out to be ’21’

The influence of 21 : This number is symbolized by the picture of “the Universe,” and it is also called” the Crown of the Magi.” It is a number of advancement, honours, elevation in life, and general success. It means victory after a long fight, for “the Crown of the Magi” is only gained after long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promise if it appears in any connection with future events however, one must be prepared for the long fight.

Well as you can see both numbers are lucky. However, the number 15 can be unlucky if associated with number 4 or 8. Probably the makers of this serial have any connection with these numbers (4 or 8) which prompted them to change the name to ‘Naaginn’ and take it under the influence of number 21. As the influence of number 21 says, this number denotes victory after a long fight. As such this serial will not be popular instantly. However, it can become a it after some time. Let us see what lies in future.

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