Famous people born under Number ‘1’

Alexander the Great 1st July
James I . 28th June
Charles I 19th Nov.
George I 28th May
George II 10th Oct.
Duke of Wellington. 1st May
General Gordon 28th Jan.
President Garfield (U.S.A.) 19th Nov.
” General” Booth 10th April
Field-Marshal Earl Haig. 19th June
Quem Alexandra 1st Dec.
Field-Marshal Lord French 28th Sept.
David Livingstone 19th Mar.
Lord Charles Beresford 10th Feb.
Annie Besant . 1st Oct.
President Wilson (USA.). 28th Dec.
President Monroe (U.S.A.) 28th April
President Hoover (U.S.A.) 10th Aug.


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