Famous people born under Number “3”

Here is a list of famous people born under Number “3”

Abraham Lincoln, President U.S.A. , Winston Churchill, Field-Marshal Lord Roberts, V.C.,Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Sullivan , Sir Charles Hawtrey, Lord Beaconsfield., Darwin (Naturalist) , George Pullman (Pullman cars), Bishop Heber, Sir Alfred Austin (Poet), Richard Cobden (FreeTrade), The Earl of Aberdeen, King Haakon (Norway), George IV, The first Lord Oxford and Asquith, William Cullen Bryant Poet), Mrs. Craigie (Authoress), Pope Benedict, Mark Twain, President Felix Faure(France), Mendelssohn Composer), Cardinal Newman, Dean Swift, Voltaire, Ramsay MacDonald (1stLabour Prime Minister of England) .

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. I know there may be many notable personalities which are not covered in this list. Please suggest additional names by commenting in the comment box below.

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