Famous people born under Number “8”

Mary I of England (called Bloody Queen Mary), King Albert of Belgium, Queen Mary, Alfonso XIII of Spain, Joseph Chamberlain., George Bernard Shaw,  David Lloyd George,  Prince Albert (Consort of Queen Victoria),  Admiral Dewey(U.S.A.)., Bernadotte,  King of Sweden, Colonel Cody (Buffalo Bill) , Wilkie Collins (Author), Louis Conde of France, Sir Humphry Davy., Gounod (Composer) ., Jenner (Discoverer of Vaccines), La Fontaine, Mary ( Queen of Scots), Sir John Millais (Painter), General von Moltke ., Pierpont-Morgan (Financier) ., Richard I (Cceur de Lion). , J. D. Rockefeller (Oil Magnate)  , Jules Verne (Novelist), John Wesley (Preacher).

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. I know there may be many notable personalities which are not covered in this list. Please suggest additional names by commenting in the comment box below.

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