Famous people born under Number “9”

Kaiser Wilhelm, King Edward VII, Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C, President Theodore Roosevelt (U.S.A.), President Grover Cleveland (U.S.A.), Lord Carson (Irish Leader), Sam Gompers (Labour Leader, U.S.A.) , Ernest Renan (Author) , President Ulysses Grant , Sir James Barrie (Author)., Julia Ward Howe (of Battle Hymn fame) , Jay Gould (Financier) , Elizabeth, Empress of Austria, Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria , Frederick III of Germany., Kepler (Astronomer), Louis Kossuth (Hungarian Patriot), Leopold II, of Belgium, Nicholas II, of Russia, Paganini (Violinist), Whitelaw Reid (Statesman), George Stephenson (Inventor of Steam Engine)

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. I know there may be many notable personalities which are not covered in this list. Please suggest additional names by commenting in the comment box below.

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