Numerology : An Introduction

“The mysteries of creation are hidden  in numbers ”  – Greek Philosophers

As already defined in the home page, Numerology is the study of the numbers to determine their influence on one’s  life.

Numbers have a very important place in our life. Be it the number of your mobile phone, your social security,  your credit card, your license, your ATM or your employee card. All these numbers are really important for you and if you lost any of them you’ll find yourself in deep trouble.

In fact the world will come to a halt if it forget the use of numbers. No calculation will be possible in the absence of numbers.

However, apart from these physical numbers (like that of your mobile phone) there are other numbers too which plays an important role in your life. They start producing their influence on your life right from the moment of your birth. And they will continue to influence you till you die.

Numerology is the study of these numbers.

In this website, I have tried to be as short and ‘to the point’ as possible.

So I’ll not waste your time in explaining the history, background or origin of numerology as I feel it has  very little relevance. I have kept myself within the boundaries of pure Numerology only – the basic art of numbers which is essential for an average person.

Though there are infinite numbers in Universe, they all are composed of 10 basic numbers ( 0, 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9).

Although Zero (0) is  a very important number from mathematical point of view, it is not considered a number which can influence life. Therefore, it is not studied as a separate number in Numerology. However, it (zero) is considered as the symbol of eternity in occult science and it is used as a compound numbers in  some numerological calculations (particularly those related to Name Numerology)

The entire science of (if I may call a disciplined study of numbers as science)  Numerology  revolved around the influence of these 9 basic numbers (1 to 9 ) on human life.

This study is a very interesting study and may be of immense help to us in our future life.

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