Time period chart of numbers

Lets have a look at this chart representing the time periods in a year which are influenced by different numbers. This is a very important chart as it describe the important time period related  for a particular number along with it’s planet and Zodiac during that period.

Note: Please also read some explanation/clarification about this chart below :

Period  Zodiac  Ruling Planet


21st March to 19th April Aries Mars (+) Nine ( 9 )
20th April to 20th May Taurus Venus (+) Six ( 6 )
21st May to 20th June Gemini Mercury (+) Five (5)
21st June to 2oth July Cancer Moon (+) Two & Seven
(2 & 7)
21st July to 20th August Leo Sun (+) One & Four
(1 & 4)
21st August to 20th September Virgo Mercury (-) Five,( 5 )
21st September to 20th October Libra Venus (-) Six, ( 6 )
21st October to 20th November Scorpio Mars (-) Nine, ( 9 )
21st November to 20th December Sagittarius Jupiter(+) Three, ( 3 )
21st December to 20th January Capricorn Saturn (+) Eight, ( 8 )
21st January to 21st February Aquarious Saturn (-) Eight, ( 8 )
19th February to 20th March Pieces Jupiter (-) Three, ( 3 )

Some important explanatory points regarding the above chart : 

The start of Solar Year : 

From astrological point of view it is considered that the true solar year commences with the Sun’s entrance into the Vernal or Spring Equinox on the 21st to the 23rd day of March of every year, and appears to pass through each Sign of the Zodiac of 30 degrees each, one after the other, taking slightly under 365 1/4 days in so doing, making our year popularly accepted as 365 days.

The Earth, revolving once upon its own axis in each 24 hours, causes the whole of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac in their turn to pass over each portion of the Earth once each 24 hours. The Moon revolves round the Earth in a lunar month of 28 days. This wonderful mechanism,  is just like the hour-hand, minute-hand and second-hand of a clock.

Planets : Positive or Negative ?

You can also notice in the chart  that the Planets have a Positive and Negative quality in accordance with the period of the Zodiac they rule. However, the positive and negative quality of a planet are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ quality. Actually the Positive influence represent more physical and forceful qualities, whereas the Negative represents the mental qualities of the person.

Sun and Moon : Planets ??

Though in reality Sun and moon are not Planets (rather Star and Satellite), in numerology they are considered as Planets since it is supposed that they influence human life to a great extent.

It may also be noted that in Numerology the  planet Pluto is not considered a planets important enough to have any influence on us. Not to speak of Xena – the 10th planet discovered recently. (Though you have not seen Uranus and Neptune in the above charts, they are very well considered as Planets of Numbers 4 & 7 respectively)

Now lets have a quick look at the numbers assigned to the days of the week and Planets.

Numbers assigned to Weekdays and Planets

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