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The Number “1” of Numerology

The number one “1” stands in this symbolism for the Sun. It is the beginning-that by which all the rest of the nine numbers were created. The basis of all numbers is one-the basis of all life is one. This number represents all that is creative, individual, and positive. Without going into further details, a […]

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Qualities of Number one (1) people

General Characteristics Number I people are ambitious; they dislike restraint, they always rise in whatever their profession or occupation may be. They desire to become the heads of whatever their businesses are, and as departmental chiefs they keep their authority and make themselves respected and” looked up to” by their subordinates. Favorable Dates & Days […]

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Famous people born under Number ‘1’

Alexander the Great 1st July James I . 28th June Charles I 19th Nov. George I 28th May George II 10th Oct. Duke of Wellington. 1st May General Gordon 28th Jan. President Garfield (U.S.A.) 19th Nov. ” General” Booth 10th April Field-Marshal Earl Haig. 19th June Quem Alexandra 1st Dec. Field-Marshal Lord French 28th Sept. […]

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