Name Numerology : an art full of contradiction ?

Why people with lucky names fail and those with unlucky name succeed ?

It is true that numbers influence our life but they are not the decisive factor of our fate. There are many other things (known and unknown), which also influence our life to a great deal along with numbers. Therefore, a complete dependency on numbers, while deciding the future course of action, is neither necessary nor recommended.

 On next pages you will learn the art of Name numerology. However, before you start, I should forewarn you that please don’t take this knowledge too seriously.

 This knowledge has helped many in past, is helping many at present and will keep assisting people in future also to have a better control of their life. However, having said that, I must tell you that this knowledge is not a perfect knowledge and it has it’s own shortcomings and contradictions.

As you learn this art and start making calculations about lucky names, you’ll find that there are many people in this world who are extremely successful despite having the most unfortunate name (as per their numerology calculation). On the other hand, you’ll find many unsuccessful people with the most favorable lucky names (based on their numerology calculation). As such you can be quite confused as to whether you should use this knowledge at all given the contradictions involved.

 It is, however, my humble advice that you consider this art of name numerology as ‘the art of repairing the faulty chip in an electronic circuit.’ Just that’s it.

 Let me elaborate a bit:

 An electronic device is consist of a number of electric circuits which themselves are made up of many components such as Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors   and Integrated Circuits (chip) etc.  For the proper functioning of the device, it is important that all the components of all the circuits work properly. A defect in even one of the components of a single circuit can result in the malfunctioning of entire device. If a chip become faulty, the only way left out is to repair it or replace it. However, this single tiny chip is not the device itself. It is a very small part of a circuit, which itself is a small part of the device. It may so happen that some other chip or any other component like transistor become faulty and the device stops working. In that case we’ll need to repair/replace that faulty parts also.

 The device may also become faulty if it gets an electricity overload or by getting any mechanical shock or jerk.

 In short, there are many things over which the proper functioning of that device depends. A chip has an important role in the proper functioning of the device but it’s just a small part of it. It can’t ensure proper functioning of the device if other factors become negative (like electricity overload etc)

The same analogy can be applied in the case of Name Numerology. The fate of a person is like an electronic device. Changing his name to a more favorable one is just like changing the small faulty chip in the device. If other components of his life are faulty, changing the name (like the chip) is not going to help him.

 For example, just giving a child a very lucky name (with the help of name numerology) is not going to make him successful. To become successful the child must have good education, a healthy body, cultivation of good habits, love and motivation of his family and above all a good guidance. If a child is not provided with these essential components of success, even a very lucky name will be of no use to him. There is no doubt that a lucky name will help him, but it can never be a decisive factor of his fate. “

Now a question may arise in your mind that though the above explains reasons of failure of those who have a very lucky name, what about those highly successful people who have a very unlucky name? For example the Indian Actress ‘Lara Dutta’ has a very unlucky name (as per name numerology), yet she was crowned Miss Universe and has a very successful career in Indian film industries. The famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam (though he has changed his name to Sonu Niigaam) has been one of the most popular singer of India despite having a very unlucky name.

 To top it all Google – the name of world’s largest Search Engine company (which has now become  most valuable brand on earth) is a very unlucky name (read details in my blog)  if one goes by Name Numerology. How come these people/companies with such unlucky names become so successful?

 Honestly, I don’t know. Period.

Actually, there is no sure-fire method available with us to exactly calculate the fate of a person. All braches of future prediction be it Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot or any other, they all have their limitation. However, as explained in the faulty chip of circuit above, probably in these cases (where people with unlucky names become successful) the electric circuit is so powerful that it is capable of running the device extremely well despite having a faulty chip. For the reasons unknown, the electric circuit is working very well without the need of repairing the faulty chip. May be the other components of device are so powerful that they have made the need of that chip insignificant.

 There is a ray of hope in it for all of us. It shows us that we all can become successful even if we have an ill fated identity. We only need to make other components of our life strong. The knowledge of numerology is there to assist us in making our circuit work properly by repairing the chip. However, we must keep in mind that the circuit can work even without the chip. The chip is a very small part of the device and repairing it will help us, however, if we make other factors of our life strong, we can be successful despite a faulty name.

    Therefore, don’t take this knowledge of Name Numerology too seriously and don’t put all your hopes on a favorable name. You’ll still have to work hard to achieve your goal.  To say in other words – you’ll have to keep other components of your circuit intact to succeed.

 With this mindset, let us learn the art of Name Numerology.

Name Numerology : Simplified

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