Name Numerology : Simplified in three easy steps

We will now learn the secret art of Name Numerology in three easy steps.

Name Numerology helps you know whether your name is fortunate for you or not.

If yes, it suggests how you can make it more fortunate for you.

If not, it tells how to make it fortunate by making a change in your name’s spelling (by adding/ deleting one or more words from it) or alternatively how to adopt a new lucky name for you.

This entire procedure has three steps:

(1) Calculate the compound Number of your Name.

(2) Read the influence of this compound Number.

(3) If the influence is positive, keep using it. If it is negative change your name’s spelling by adding or deleting some alphabets and make your name lucky for you. For more positive results, make both your name number and birth number harmonious with each other.

Simple !  Isn’t it ?

It’s really that simple. Apart from telling you about your name,  it can also help you determine : whether your city is lucky for you or not, whether a particular day in future will be lucky for you or not.

OK Now we’ll learn the above three steps in detail.

Let us learn the first step:

Calculate the compound Number of your Name

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