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Indian TV Industry : On a name changing spree

Hi to all !

It’s been a very very long time since I wrote any post here (except this Jimmy Sheirgill post). A few days ago I recently visited a website related to Indian Television Industry. There, I was astonished to find how many persons from this industry have changed their name. In fact it appears that, owing to uncertainty in Show Business, everybody has appointed a numerologist to set his name right.

Well, the lure of fame, fortune and a secure life is too strong to resist. After all who doesn’t want his 15 minutes of fame (and who does not want that his 15 minutes lasts till 100 years. :)

So, the art of future prediction will remain forever. Or up to the point when everybody achieve enlightenment.

Jimmy Shergill is now Jimmy Sheirgill


Indian Actor Jimmy Shergill recently modified the spelling of his surname by adding an extra ‘i’ to it – Sheirgill. The actor is one of the many who believes in the science of numbers. On a famour Indian website he informed his fans, “I do believe in numerology, that’s why I changed my spelling. Continue reading Jimmy Shergill is now Jimmy Sheirgill


Searching for someone we have not mentioned here ? Or want to know about any particular personality ? Then tell us by submitting a comment here and we shall be more than happy to include the numerological analysis of that person. Just tell us whose name you want to be examined here.

Or send us the news of any celebrity who has changed his/her name recently.

Hello friends ! Our first post and about this blog

Welcome to this blog of This blog section is going to be the most important section of this website as it’ll chronicles all the news of ‘Name changing’ of people, movies, TV Serials and other things on the basis of Name Numerology.

Changing one’s name according to Name Numerology is a hot thing in Indian Film and TV Industries these days. So our main foucs will be on this industry. However, we will also include news of Name Changing from other areas of life .

If you have any thing to contribute for this blog, kindly contact us here