Numerology to Understand Personalities and Dreams

Numerology is the association between numbers and living beings and objects. Most of the modern numerology has ideas of famous ancient teachers, including Pythagoras. The modern one includes aspects of the Vedas of India, the Chinese, the Kabbalah, the Christian mysticism and the Egyptian.


The Pythagoras is the western and the most widely used form of numerology. This system allots numbers to alphabets to determine the name and birth date too, in turn, understands the relationship between them. The numbers 1 to 9 are widely used.


Numerologists believe that numbers bring a great deal of good and bad luck for us. Numbers form an integral part of our destiny. They tell us about our personalities and give us an insight of our dreams and fortunes. At times, people see numbers and letters in their dreams. These numbers can be analyzed to reveal the hidden meaning and aspects of their lives. The letters or alphabets seen in the dreams can be associated with the numbers assigned to them to examine their significance.


Numerology is used along with Tarot reading to analyze the future and dreams. It is colligated with few natural elements, such as air, water, fire and earth. In case of any occurrence of these in the dream and occurrence of any star sign in the dream, the meaning of the dream can be identified. The natural elements are associated with certain characteristics and future prospects. These characteristics include honesty, practicality, successive, romantic, passionate, thoughtful, spiritual and strategist. The elements are linked up with the twelve sun signs to tell about various aspects, such as compatibility in a relationship, career success, personality traits and family.


Each letter of the alphabet series is said to be numerically associated. The numeric value of a person’s name is determined by the adding up the numbers signified by the letters of his or her name. If the added up number has a negative energy, it is said to affect the person’s life in a negative way.


Numerology is considered by some numerologists as the draft of how a person is. It is a scientific system of numbers that help a person understand the intricacies of his or her life and the consequences of actions. This scientific method helps in enhancing the compatibility between two people by determining their natures and depicting the issues such as honesty, love, respect, trust and spontaneity that a couple has to work on to improve their relationship and unity.


When it comes to numerology, it assists in knowing and understanding the good as well as bad aspect of the person. Sometimes a small change in your name as per the numerology results in pleasant surprise and everything seems to be falling into right place. Such information is useful to get back on track to reach the destiny.


Numerology, is a science, however, like other sciences, it has stood its test in time. In the end, it depends upon belief and hope of the person without which a science remains a mere hypothesis.


Numerologist – Numerology Calculator

There a lot of versions of the numerology calculator that can help determine a person’s fate, fortune or characteristics, so to speak. Most of the time, they make use of your name, the month, year, and day of which you were born to determine the sequence of the numbers to be used. We have the Pythagorean, Chaldean, Babylonian, Christian Mysticism, Hebrew system of Kabbalah, the Vedas, the old Chinese traditions and the Egyptians. Currently, however, the two most popular versions of the numerology calculator are the Pythagorean and the Chaldean.

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The Pythagorean numerology calculator hailed from the teachings of the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras. Basically, this form of calculation is quite easy to learn and figure out. It is just a sequential translation from the letters of the alphabet to the numbers 1 through 9.

Furthermore, the science of the Pythagorean numerology calculator helps a person see a bit about himself or herself, thereby allowing that person to improve his way of living through the science of 5 numbers. You can derive the first 2 of these numbers from your birthday and the other three from your name.

The Chaldean numerology calculator got its roots in Babylon and is associated with the Vedic System of India. It is a more accurate calculator compared to the Pythagorean, however, it is more difficult to master since the values associated with the alphabet are in not in a systematic order.

Every single letter in the Chaldean numerology calculator has its own vibration. The numbers are assigned to the letters depending on their vibrational values. Also, the number 9 in Chaldean is holy and sacred and should be separated from other numbers which is why no letters are assigned to this number. The Chaldean version takes your name and birth date and only uses the name that you are commonly called.